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Leads Tunnel App Software Unlimited License

Posted by Eurekka Artes on Kamis, 06 Oktober 2016

Leads Tunnel App Software Unlimited License
LeadsTunnel � Unlimited License is a cloud-based software to pull leads into your webinar platform, your CRM, AND your favorite autoresponder at the same time. LeadsTunnel allows you to build your email list, promote affiliate offers, get laser targeted registrations to your webinars with just a few clicks of the mouse. With LeadsTunnel � Unlimited License, you�ll discover the 5 minute trick to pulling leads directly out of Facebook. 

You can do such smart trick without even having to create a website. It gives you the ability to stay ahead of your competitors even if you don�t have an email list to start with. All it takes is just 48 hours and a small ad. With these two, you�ll be able to get the most targeted webinar attendees straight from Facebook. Moreover, we don�t set any limitation to the number of ads that you want to run. You can run as many ads as you want with 100% safety guarantee. 

Not only that, there are just many things you can do only with LeadsTunnel. For instance, you can quickly exploit a new ad type that most marketers are ignoring. It is a great chance to generate profits from which others don�t expect to find. Furthermore, you can also eliminate hours of unnecessary manual work. Just like what we mentioned before, there�s even no need for website building. LeadsTunnel � Unlimited License allows you to get targeted webinar attendees straight from Facebook. The cool thing about it is that you won�t find any compliance issues with Facebook and your web pages ever again. It is also 100% web based, so you have nothing to install nor complex scripts to set up. You can just automatically import your leads in real time. 

The best part about LeadsTunnel is that it allows you to start your business in 5 minutes flat. All you need to do is just grab an affiliate link for an offer you like, throw it into your favorite autoresponder, and then you�re DONE!

The Benefits of LeadsTunnel � Unlimited License :
  • Immediately build an email list � no website needed
  • Promote affiliate offers within clicks � create instant income
  • Fill every webinars with laser targeted attendees
  • Never have your Facebook account shut down

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