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Posted by Eurekka Artes on Minggu, 06 April 2014

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 "Beat Up Martial Artist Discovers Wild Shortcut Training Secrets That Makes You Unstoppable in Any Fight

While Sitting In Your Most Comfortable Chair, Quickly Discover The Missing Links That Rapidly Catapults Your Ability to Devastate, Humiliate, and Crush Any Opponent Like a Fly.

  Yes, These Are THE Methods NO Instructor Will Ever Tell You Even If By Some Freak Chance They Do Know Themselves

In the next 5 minutes you're going to have one of three reactions to what I'm about to reveal to you. 

Whichever it is, if you've got 5 minutes, you owe it to yourself to find out which group you're in.

98% of all martial arts and self defence instructors show you no more than the nuts and bolts of techniques.

They can show you little of how to train them, "own" them, and how to use them effectively, to transform yourself into the almost unstoppable fighter you need to be in this day and age.

My wakeup call luckily came at an early age and at a time and place that didn't put me in the morgue.

I'd been training half assed for a few years but I thought I was pretty hot anyway. Until I got the shit beat out of me in a big and embarrassing way.

Now I said luckily because it was 1978. If it had been 2007 then I probably wouldn't be telling you now. In those 29 years the world has become a vastly more...

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