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Improve your 60 yard dash! Faster 60 is written

Posted by Eurekka Artes on Kamis, 10 April 2014

Everything you need to know to improve your 60 yard dash! Improve your starting stance, take off, arm swing, stride, and finishing the 60 yard dash
Chapter 1: THE STANCE   Chapter 2: ARM POSITION   Chapter 3: Chest Position at Start   Chapter 4: Knee Drive   Chapter 5: Two Swings per One Step   Chapter 6: Drive Phase   Chapter 7: When Legs Give Out   Chapter 8: Finish Thru The Line   Chapter 9: Hand Time vs. Laser Time   Chapter 10: Running Against Others vs. By Yourself   Chapter 11: Mental approach   Chapter 12: Drills for Success   Chapter 13: Stride Length X Stride Frequency   Chapter 14: You Will NOT Outwork Me   Chapter 15: The CORE CREED   These specific techniques and training tips are guaranteed to lower your 60 yard dash time! It as well contains specific exercises for improving your running form and for strengthening critical running muscles often neglected.

Andre Williams has 13+ years of training experience specifically for baseball players. He has trained some of baseball's fastest athletes and improved the 60 yard dash time of hundreds of other professional, college, and high school baseball players, as well. Read More Detail

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