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Dealing with Parents - Championship Programs

Posted by Eurekka Artes on Kamis, 03 April 2014

Dealing with parents - championship programs
Dealing with Parents - Championship Programs - A survey shows that one of the #1 challenges that coaches face today is dealing with parents. Learn to deal successfully with parents so that you can get back to coaching. This is your proactive guide to spending less time reacting to criticism, responding to parent emails and looking over your shoulder and more time doing what you love. Coaching.

“With the help of several industry experts, including David Jacobson (Positive Coaching Alliance), Chris Hickey (Institute for Sports Coaching), Janis Meredith (Sports Parenting) and Daryl Weber (elite high school coach), I’ve put together a package that will change your coaching career, renew your passion and help you stop focusing on parents and start focusing on winning championships.”

“Jim, I read the book and loved it!! I love the approach of taking ownership of what is not working along with helping to explain a way to communicate and educate!!” Read More Detail

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