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Cancer facts & information on alternative cure. - cancer facts & information on alternative cure

Posted by Eurekka Artes on Kamis, 03 April 2014

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 Facts and Information for those who choose to fight cancer

When you learn what's caused it then you can reverse it. 

Healing cancer is all about educating yourself so you can stop doing the things that causes it and start doing the things that heal it.

No one can profit from natural ways to heal the body of cancer. That's why they won't be offered.

All cancers are a disease of a weakened immune system, doesn't it make sense to strengthen it?

My book titled "Cancer, its Causes and its Cure" is available in either ebook or paper copy and is easy to follow.

Discover what’s going on in the cancer industry and why natural treatments are suppressed. 

Learn which food causes cancer that we eat everyday and which food has amazing cancer fighting properties. 

Learn how the cancer industry manipulates statistics to make us believe they are winning the war against the disease. 

Learn why doctors are only taught drug based medicine and that is to sell pharmaceuticals such as chemotherapy. 

Drugs and surgery don't cure cancer because they are only treating the symptoms of the problem which is of little help. 

My wife Jean was diagnosed with ovarian cancer 11 years ago and is in perfect health today. My book is not about her, it’s about the 7 million people who are dying of cancer worldwide every year and what they could have done about it if they were given the correct information.

You will get information about how to eliminate your cancer permanently, without any side-effects.

Don’t put your precious life in somebody else’s hands, somebody who only treats the problem, not the cause of the problem.

You will get instant access to all the facts and information and you will learn how to avoid the causes as well.

This simple information contains everything you need to know, and it will all make sense to you.

Cancer is not a 100 different diseases, but only one disease in over a 100 different locations. (It only needs one treatment.)

Why medical science can’t find a cure for it. (they are looking in the wrong place)  

A description of our immune system. (which is the crux to solving the problem)  

Facts on the politics of cancer. (why we have the current treatments)  

What I would do if I was diagnosed with cancer to achieve a cure.  

A list of Doctors in U.S.A. who are curing people of cancer.  

Do you know the food item that you probably eat everyday that supports the growth of cancer cells?

Were you told these vital pieces of information by your health professional? ...the person you have entrusted with your life?

Our western medicine doesn't have the answers to cancer. There isn't a shred of evidence to say our current treatments are working.  

You must realize you are not powerless, you are in control, you hold the power to overcome cancer, and it is completely up to you.

Remember it's far more important to deal with the reasons that caused the cancer to grow in the first place and that will allow the body to heal.

One point which you will quickly realise is...

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