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Bass fishing connection

Posted by Eurekka Artes on Rabu, 02 April 2014

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Start a "Thread" Now With Any Comments Or Questions you Have about BoatLanes Products and get Real-Time Feedback... Our sincere THANKS To everyone at/on the TFF for all the Support!

Listen to what WIRED2FISH.COM Radio had to say (1/06/09 interview) about the BOATLANES Products... ...Listen Now

"Vick Urges You to... 'Stay in Your Lane' " By wired2fish.com writer Pete Robbins

"...Drive around famed Lake Fork and you'll be amazed by how much standing timber there is. Take a stroll across Toledo Bend's mid-lake Pendleton Bridge and the area around you looks as much like a place to affix a tree stand as it does for chasing bass. And big Sam Rayburn--well, it's sufficient to say that one of the lake's most fabled fishing areas is known as the Black Forest...Many of the trees have broken off just below the water's surface. That makes for some pretty hairy, dangerous boat rides... .READ ENTIRE ARTICLE

BoatLanes IS Compatible with New Lowrance HDS Units! Download BoatLanes Installation Instructions for Lowrance HDS GPS Units.

The BOATLANES waypoints/trails are perfect for any Tournament Situation... McDonald's BIG BASS SPLASH and the BASSMASTER Central Opens will stop at "BOATLANES" Lakes:

"...The system is designed to help take the guesswork out of navigation safe travel routes on a number of East Texas Lakes. (Lance) chose to launch the project on his home lake, Lake Fork..." READ ARTICLE

In addition to...

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