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Posted by Eurekka Artes on Jumat, 07 Februari 2014

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Golf is a hard sport to master… so if you want an unfair advantage on the course (and over your playing buddies) something BIG has to change.

If you’d like to finally have that much needed consistency in ALL aspects of your game… from woods, to irons, to chipping and putting.

To hit accurate shots off the tee… and follow them up with consistent (well placed) iron shots and confident putts.

If you’d like to shave anywhere from 5-25 strokes off your current handicap… without spending a single dollar on new clubs, expensive lessons or stupid gadgets that never work as advertised.

I would hit beautiful drives that split the fairway… and muck the iron shot directly into the bunker, or the trees, sometimes even the water.

I’d place myself in perfect position for a birdie (and if I was really really lucky, an EAGLE) and then three… four… even FIVE putt on the green.

You know the feeling, and I’m absolutely certain if you stumbled onto a solution to break 80 (like I did) you would jump all over it.

Regardless of how much it cost… so long as it helped you NEVER experience those embarrassing moments again.

While I can’t promise you every hole will be “error free”… or that you’ll never hit another double (or triple) bogey.

I’ve been a Internet Entrepreneur for over a decade… which always provided me ample time to hit those...

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