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Posted by Eurekka Artes on Senin, 10 Februari 2014

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If You've Been Looking Into Law Enforcement As A Career For Any Amount Of Time, Then You've Probably Seen Some Of My Articles Within The Law Enforcement World.

I Don't Want To Spend Too Much Time Talking About Me...Because Really This Is About YOU And Getting You Hired Into Your Law Enforcement Career, And...

Yet...You Probably Want To Know Something About Who Is Behind This Revolutionary Resource You're About To Discover.

I Started My Law Enforcement At 19 Years Old...Yes I Was 19 With A Gun And A Badge! Pretty Crazy...In Fact It Boggles My Mind.

The Fact That I Beat Out Over 600 Other Applicants, For 1 Of 7 Positions (Using The Techniques I Now Teach)

So How Did A 19 Year Old Kid That Had No Business Enforcing Any Laws...Beat Out Over 600 Applicants Who Were Most Likely Much More Qualified?

Through This Deep Desire To Join The Law Enforcement Family, I Left Nothing To Chance...I Actually Made It Impossible For The Agency Not To Hire Me!

Sure I Studied For Each Phase Of The Hiring Process, And There Are 9 Phases You Need To Prepare For:

The Background Buzz Factor Is All About Making You Standout Above All Other Applicants...And Not By Outscoring Them On Tests.

With Your "Background Buzz Factor" Being Off The Charts, You Will All But Punch Your Ticket To Your Law Enforcement Career.

But Most Importantly...

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