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Birthday magicology - become a magician

Posted by Eurekka Artes on Sabtu, 01 Februari 2014

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The easiest way to learn how to be a successful children's entertainer without a lot of work struggling to get started, without buying high-priced bootcamps, courses or seminars, and without waiting around for results is finally here. Introducing . . .

Plus, I'll send you weekly assignments for a full three months to help you, Step-by-Step, build and grow your business into a thriving money maker!

I began my career as a professional magician in 1976 starting out, as many magicians do, as a birthday party magician. Over the years, I expanded my program to include school shows, restaurant work, fundraisers, adult programs, clown work, fairs, and eventually a large illusion show. The ideas and techniques that I learned in doing my birthday party show formed the basis of everything else I did, and still do.

This is how you feature the birthday child and get other children wanting you to entertain at their party

In my case, I learned by reading books, joining magic clubs, talking to other magicians, watching other magicians perform, and taking lots of notes! As you might imagine, this process took a great deal of time and effort - basically years. The process was also complicated by the fact that I was getting bits and pieces of information which I then had to assimilate. As a former teacher, principal, and school superintendent, I know that the best way to learn something new, retain it, and put it into action is through one on one direct instruction. You need to learn from someone who has a complete system, has assignments for you to complete so that you can master each step along the...

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