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Posted by Eurekka Artes on Minggu, 05 Januari 2014

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     -- Are Fewer and Fewer People Willing To Sign Up To Your Newsletters,  Optin In To Get your 'Free' Report' or Watch Your Sales Video?.... Then You Need To....

Are You Ready To Discover The Next Generation In List Building Technology That Simply BLOWS AWAY Every Other List Building Method?...     ....Then Get Ready To Find Out How You Can Turn EVERY PDF E-Book, Article  or Report You Have (no matter whether it's your own, or someone elses)  – And EVERY PDF E-Book, Article or Report You Will Ever Create – Into A List-Building, Profit-Pulling Machine...

 I’ve got to say first, I hope you don’t sell too many copies of this software. This is the most brilliant idea I heard about since putting audio and video on websites. This opens up a whole new world of how I’m going to be building my lists.

Viral PDF Master is a fantastic piece of software that I'm using to turn every one of my free reports into automated list building agents.  It has dramatically increased my opt-in rates.

I like that whatever message I choose to embed into my pdf reports, stays there.  This means that every single person who downloads any of my reports is a possible new list member.  Even those readers who've NEVER been to my squeeze page. 

Other than my autoresponder, I can't think of any software that does more to help me grow my list.  Thanks Glen.

 I know that you know all about squeeze pages and free reports, pop-ups, pop-ins, slide-ins, exit popups...

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