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Traktor tips courses — traktor tips courses

Posted by Eurekka Artes on Minggu, 05 Januari 2014

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Getting new DJ software is exciting and you want to open up your new program and start to use it right away.

Your excitement fades when your faced with an unfamiliar screen and hundreds of buttons and controls, forcing you to spend hours online searching for the perfect video tutorials.

This course contains all the necessary videos you need to understand Traktor right through to uploading your first DJ mix online.

You can access the videos at any time convenient to you, enabling you to work through at your own pace, fitting in with your busy lifestyle.

If you’ve been using Traktor for a few weeks, or even months, you’re going to pick up some workflow tips to help you become a better DJ.

You will receive video training delivered in a simplistic and informative style, with a realistic approach from a DJ with over 20 years real world experience.

You will learn from a DJ whose experience has been gained from DJ’ing at small school parties, large capacity clubs, wine bars, weddings, and also from time as a hands-on DJ instructor and Apple software trainer.

Traktor Tips Videos have been praised the world over for their detailed yet simplistic approach. Viewers achieve their goal with minimum effort and in a short time, which is why many people have chosen Traktor Tips to help them learn the basics of Traktor or to fine tune their existing beginner skills.

Traktor is a very powerful DJ software and can be...

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