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The 1 secret to booking international dj gigs - the 6 figure dj

Posted by Eurekka Artes on Minggu, 05 Januari 2014

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The video on this page will show you a basic breakdown of why it’s easy to book high-paying international DJ gigs. This isn’t any kind of gimmick… this is straight logic that I’ve used to help numerous newcomer DJs achieve 6 figure income in under 6 months.  Touring the world as a DJ is very easy to do, and you don’t need to be famous to do it. Remember:  Watch the entire video, as the end will surprise you!

“Tim showed me I could make more money doing international gigs than ones in Amsterdam.  He also taught me some shortcuts to finding the right talent buyers and negotiating, without wasting time.”

Here’s an email I got from a DJ who’s actually had much success in his local scene, opening up for a lot of big DJs, but he can’t figure out how to take that next step and start getting paid to fly to other countries to headline:

Hey Tim…I have read a lot of things about you, your success and i am very fond of it all. I started spinning at the age of 11 as a hobby and in night clubs since i was 15. Im 22 now, since the beginning of this year i have played with Bingo Players, Chuckie, Gregori Klosman, David Solano, Ben Gold, Kdrew, dBerrie, Victor Calderone, Chus & Cabellos, and Chris Vargas, I have shows booked with Nicky Romero, John Dahlback, R3hab, Quintino, and Afrojack before 2014. I quit my job as a pool tech last year because I knew all of this was possible, and it absolutely was. But im not anywhere close to done. I have 3k a month in bills which means i need to make 10k a month then its only up from there. Im currently seeking some more guidance on the next steps for me. Everyone tells me produce produce produce but I’m really not interested, i have been a dj for 10 years and i would like to make it as a DJ, even though the art form is somewhat lost. I play on turntables at home and CDJS at these shows. I can play every genre from here to the sun because i am the definition of a DJ. I believe your knowledge and experience could absolutely push me to my next platform on this huge tower of a goal in my life…..

Thomas’ story is all too common!  I hear this from DJs all the time.  DJs getting gigs opening up at these big shows for superstar DJs or even a festival.  They get billing next to big names and think their life is going to change and then…..nothing! Radio silence.

You’re basically admitting you don’t think you’re good enough to headline your own shows!  If you don’t believe, how are you going to convince a club in another country to throw thousands of dollars into marketing you??? It will never happen!

So how do you escape the friend zone???  How do you go from small town opening DJ that plays to the empty room before the main acts, or even a bedroom dj that can’t book a paying a gig to an international jet-set headlining act, earning 6 figures a year and traveling the world for free???

The thing is, nothing i’m going to tell you is hard. In fact, my approach is to teach you only what works and is consistently effective.  The goal is to simplify not complicate things.  I don’t want you working 7 days a week just to get gigs on Friday or Saturday night.  I want to keep you in the clubs .

“When i met Tim I was playing some big clubs in the tri-state area, I even had a few gigs a year in Miami.  But I never realized how hard...

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