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Stop Smoking With Meditation: Quit Smoking with Meditation - Yoga ebook course

Posted by Eurekka Artes on Kamis, 09 Januari 2014

Stop Smoking With Meditation: Quit Smoking with Meditation- Yoga ebook course
Are you ready to quit smoking? Use the power of meditation to help you do it naturally and permanently. For thousands of years great sages and philosophers have been using meditation to mold their character, build their wisdom and knowledge and cultivate the best habits. 

Now you can use the power of meditation to vanquish once and for all your dependence on tobacco products, and stop smoking for good.    If you think that meditation is only for super strong people, then you are wrong. Thousands of people just like you, living in  modern surroundings, are practicing meditation today. And the interesting thing is that almost all of these practitioners do not smoke!

Why? The habit of smoking can’t exist in the mind and body of the person who has achieved inner peace and harmony through meditation and yoga. Just as two physical objects can’t stay in the same physical space at the same time, the desire to smoke can’t exist in the mind that is occupied with positive and noble thoughts.

"As you think so you become." This is the secret behind the power of meditation. Instead of thinking about smoking or not smoking or instead of focussing on any problem or bad habit,why not turn your attention to your inner strength?

That's why whenever I meet a new student I never tell them "stop this", "don't do that." Rather, I say, "start meditating." When you start this course you will learn how to forget about the physical world around you and you will even learn how to quiet your internal "chatter" of thoughts.

Then you can turn your attention to the peace and strength that is at the center of your being. The more you make contact with the quiet place inside of you, the more balanced you will become. If you stop worrying about your weaknesses and start meditating on your strength You will change from "the inside out."

Continue to do this and your desire to smoke or doing anything harmful to yourself will disappear! Thousand of people have done it and have gotten these results....Read More Detail

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