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Practical pinup online workshop

Posted by Eurekka Artes on Jumat, 03 Januari 2014

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My name is Ron Davis and I am a photographer. I've always loved photography and have taken pictures for as long as I can remember. But a few years ago I was just like you! I wanted to get into Pinup Photography because I knew thats where the big money is, but I had two big problems: I never really understood how to get models to agree to sit for me and even when I did I was so clumsy and awkward, the studio sessions and shots were a complete disaster. I was always disappointed and frustrated with my efforts.

I don't have to tell how daunting a live studio session can be when you really don't know what you are doing!

Lucky for me that I am not the kind of person that gives in easily so I stuck at it. I don't mind admitting that it has taken me years of sweat and tears to reach the point where I have absolutely no problem finding models and can churn out stunning shots every single time.

A while ago some friends of mine were so impressed with my work they suggested I teach people how to manage studio sessions from start to finish. Of course I was reluctant at first after all I am not a trained teacher and I wasn't really sure that I wanted to share the valuable knowledge I had developed. Well they worked on me until eventually I just had to cave in. My first ever studio workshop, held back in 2006, covered set building, techniques and shooting with multiple light set-ups. I was amazed that 12 people signed up! We had a great time and...

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