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Posted by Eurekka Artes on Kamis, 02 Januari 2014

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In this site you will find a number of scripts which I have used to promote my site and to drive traffic. These are listed below. Click the appropriate links to find out more details about the features of the script.

1. Autoresponder and Mailing List Manager (AMLM)  2. Follow-Up Email Autoresponder (FUEA) v1.4 3. Multi Mailing List v1.4 4. Earn-it Manager v1.3 5. Clickbank's Earn-it Manager v1.3 6. Clickbank's Tell-Your-Friends v1.3 7. Clickbank's Affiliate Manager v2.0 8. SW Cloaker v2.1 Guarantee: Purchase of the above products is covered by Clickbank's 90 days money back guarantee. Refer to Clickbank for more details.

Dr. Quek's Personal Guarantee: In addition to Clickbank's guarantee, all purchases are backed by Dr. Quek's "fair play policy". For details see Dr. Quek's Site Policy.

Testimonials: Hundreds of our purchasers haven given their unsolicited testimonials. To read them, go to this page.

Special Bonus- Corey Rudl's ebook: "How to Create a Fortune on the internet- In Just Four Simple Steps". Valued at $37. Free with purchases above $48.

Affiliate Program- If you have purchased our scripts and liked them, you can become our affiliates and earn commissions. We have three different affiliates schemes (see right column): 1. As affiliate, 2. Tell Your Friends & Earn A Commision and 3. Earn Free Scripts and Commission.

A powerful sequential email autoresponder and mailing list manager. When your visitor sends an email to the autoresponder or fills up a subscribe form, the script will automatically send out a personalized reply, add the sender...

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