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Numbers for startups

Posted by Eurekka Artes on Kamis, 02 Januari 2014

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Start-up and Small Business insights, as formulated by a mathematician. This is the newsletter for people who like to understand how things actually work.

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A powerful and intuitive financial model. Especially useful to any Web-Delivered product or service.

Produce quality financial projections for your business, without your own in-house finance team. Enter your assumptions, print your results. It's that simple.

Track the effectiveness of different Marketing Channels. Know exactly how much to spend on Advertising and when to spend it.

Immediately Download the Microsoft Excel .xslx file. Suitable for Mac or PC. I'll be releasing a .numbers version soon

A customized version tailored to your company. I do the math exactly for your business and your financing situation.

1 additional hr (split into three Skype calls) of my review, analysis and advice about your business, market, strategy and financing, etc...

The model is immediately available for download. You own the file, and instructions to unlock the behind-the-scenes calculations are included for advanced users.

Download a presentation copy of the tool [299K zip file, contains .xslx file] - This is a static copy, all numbers and no formulas, but it does let you "see" exactly what the model looks like.

Screenshots from the "Assumptions" page, with Data...

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