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Posted by Eurekka Artes on Minggu, 05 Januari 2014

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“I can’t thank you enough! I might be a work in progress for the Law of Attraction but I’m slowly but surely changing my way of thinking. The boot camp is surely working…… I was recently hit on the front passenger side of my van on 10/10/2012 and the driver was a 17 year-old with only a permit, and the Universe provided a way for my vehicle to still be covered [by insurance].

As previously mentioned I lost my job a month ago yet out of nowhere I learned that I had an ING account from a job I worked back in “2003″ which ended it’s relationship with ING causing my $70 contribution to be converted into a IRA Rollover Account for $1276.97 

I can’t thank the Universe and [Law of Attraction Boot Camp] enough!!!!! Listening to the [boot camp] and reconditioning my mind is opening options in the Universe to bless me… I will have it soon and be able to pay 2 months ahead on my rent & utilities.”

I thoroughly enjoyed the program and feel empowered to become the person I am meant to be (part of which is I want to grow up to be a professional photographer). Your enthusiasm is contagious!  I enjoyed not only the lessons, but the excitement in your voice… I am definitely certain that I can make the changes and improvements in my life that want, thanks to the LOA Bootcamp.

Thank you! I’m on day 6 and love the focus it requires to reboot my thinking! I feel so much happier and its me…ME making that happen...

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