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Master the fretboard in 2-3 months!

Posted by Eurekka Artes on Jumat, 03 Januari 2014

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The best value – over 500 downloadable and printable PDFs with MP3s, Screencasts, and more than 2 months of daily guitar exercises to master the fretboard.

There are just TWO ideas you to master IN DEPTH to become a truly good musician: the major scale and major chords. The more in depth you know these 2 concepts, the quicker you can master the guitar like a pro.

One of the key things I learned early on was that you can do a lot with the pentatonic and blues scales. But I quickly wanted more. I wanted to know the fretboard, be able to improvise, be more creative and maybe even learn a little theory.

It was frustrating being stuck in a rut, playing the same licks over and over again. So after trying out several websites who really had pretty good quality stuff, I was still pulling a trick from here, a lick from there or a lesson that I understood but had a hard time applying to a practice schedule.

This package gives instructions, practice exercises, and useable tools that help you go from wherever you are to giving you a level of understanding beyond what you can find anywhere else… except maybe a Berklee Course. (But who has that kind of cash?)

Cycle of Fourths, Circle of Fifths, Shapes and Patterns, CAGED, Key Signatures. These are all buzz words that we guitarists use. And we may have an idea of what they are or how to play some of them. But only a few know how to use them and apply them in depth.

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