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Learn the secrets to good flash & studio lighting - 3 week workshop

Posted by Eurekka Artes on Rabu, 01 Januari 2014

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From: Scott Voelker Dear Friend, If you're FRUSTRATED trying to figure out how to get good lighting and create professional portraits...don't worry, because you're not ALONE! I was there myself around 12 years ago, who had no idea how to take good pictures. But…my wife and I, who is also a photographer…had a passion and a desire to learn.

But, you get the point :-) I was frustrated and confused and just kept buying stuff I didn’t need hoping it would be the magic bullet. I later found out, that I could have received Great results with Basic equipment, if I would of had a good teacher. I would go to my local camera store and ask questions and feel like they were annoyed. Then I would ask less questions and try to figure it out on my own...and get FRUSTRATED! Over the years I figured out the hard way how to get professional pictures and eventually we opened a full time portrait studio that supported my family. (I still remember the day I told my Boss...I Quit!)

Then I took what I learned on the business side and started teaching my business plan also known as our “NewPortraitBiz Photography Business Plan” . Now..I wasn't a lighting expert, but I got the job done and I built a business around it. After teaching my course online now for over 2 years, I hear what lots of people are struggling with every single day. That's why I said...You're Not Alone! Most people struggle with this element and that's why I decided to create this workshop.

I discovered Joe Marshall a 30 year veteran who knows a 100...

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