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Imeme.biz elearning for business — invest in knowledge. Invest in growth.

Posted by Eurekka Artes on Jumat, 17 Januari 2014

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I know how you feel when you’re faced with all these challenges because I’m a small business owner too. I know what you need is great business advice, right now, from people who you can trust, from people who’ve been there, from people with millions of pounds worth of trade experience. Business owners just like you with the specialisms and expertise in subjects that will help you to achieve your dreams. I care about profitability. So how do you make more money doing what you do? I’m not talking about some trashy get-rich-quick scheme I’m talking about proper work on your business with advise from people who have been there. iMeme is a collaboration of some of the best experts in their field who have created for you courses that are quick and easy to understand and most importantly things that can be implemented in your business today to help you to achieve your dreams. This isn’t just some passive activity, this is you the business owner taking control of your future, taking control of your success and changing your business for the better.

As a small business owner, networking is essential to growing my business. The imeme course I took on networking has proved invaluable. It really is like have an expert in your corner, accessible anytime you need. The course presenter Mike Stokes packs a wealth of useful practical tips into each session. That extra preparation and focus has already made a measurable difference in terms of the opportunities generated and the partnerships I am forming through networking. I would heartily recommend imeme courses to anyone looking to grow their business and develop valuable skills in the process. 10/10 !

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