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Posted by Eurekka Artes on Sabtu, 04 Januari 2014

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The process HUD uses to receive and accept bids on their inventory of foreclosed properties was COMPLETELY AUTOMATED. Computers control the entire task.

He took his new-found advantage to the streets over three years ago, and has proven the accuracy of his findings hundreds of times since then. Chris has conclusively proven that it is possible to know PRECISELY what the LOWEST ACCEPTABLE BID is for any HUD property, at any time. He also uncovered a number of other crucial secrets along the way.

Chris has decided to spread this vital information that he’s uncovered to every serious professional, and to provide an opportunity for real estate professionals to network around this particular market on a national basis. Opportunities abound on several levels, anyone interested in learning more will gain access to networking events and get to brainstorm with other like minded agents. Mastering the HUD Formula will instantly make you the investors agent in your local market. Then allow you to capitalize on the information for your personal investments the same way Chris has.

All the steps are there so you can figure out the HUD Formula for yourself. You will be provided free with all the steps used to calculate the exact formula used by HUD to determine the lowest acceptable bid amount on a HUD property.

Chris sent me this prior to launch to get my opinion. It is the exact method I have used to buy 20+ HUD homes that have yielded me greater then 40% return on my investment.

The steps outlined in the free report will no doubt work to calculate the...

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