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Freelance formula - the #1 online training & resource for freelance graphic designers

Posted by Eurekka Artes on Rabu, 01 Januari 2014

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My story started whilst working full time as a graphic designer. I decided to take on the odd project every month or so and really liked the sense of achievement and control I had with a clients - all very different from a boss that rarely gave me credit for the work. Then before I knew it, things began to grow and I had a constant stream of freelancing jobs. It was pretty shocking to me as I had no major plan. After a while I decided to take the leap and leave my job to go freelance. The journey I went on wasn’t perfect, there were many ups and downs but I learnt the hard way which eventually helped me land some of the world’s leading brands. This course covers all the mistakes I made and eliminates them for you because I want to take a lot of time and money off your learning curve so you can do your business and find success quickly without a lot of the financial worries I had. Now, for the first time ever, by massive popular demand (I had literally hundreds of requests) I’m revealing my “Freelance Formula” system for building your freelance design business step by step. This is exactly what I wish I’d had when I started because it would have saved me thousands of hours of aggravation and thousands of pounds in lost income.

Q: What specifically will I learn from this product? A: You will learn how to become a freelance hero and manage work/life balance, find dream clients, work less hours, earn six figures a year doing what you love, plus much more.

Q: How will this product teach me to generate more projects? A: This product shows you the step-by-step process for finding the right target market, crafting an irresistible offer and attracting clients who are actually searching for your services.

Q: How can this product benefit someone who is already freelancing? A: Whether you are a beginner or already a freelancing expert, this training includes my most prized secrets and tips that you desperately need to become a six figure freelancer.

Q: How long will it take me to implement this product and see results? A: Results vary but it is common to hear that members who go through the training see results in a matter of days if they have already started to freelance on the side. I’ve also received a number of success stories of people getting new clients in the first week.

Q: What if I’m not very business minded, can I still use this product? A: Yes you can. I teach you how I discovered a unique way of modelling my freelance business that allowed me to focus on what I loved to do (i.e. designing and creative) and stop doing the stuff I was bad at.

Q: How is this product delivered? A: I love instant results, so I want you to experience that as well. Right after you sign up you will receive instant access, along with all of the videos, audios, PDF transcripts, and bonuses with a unique log-in and password just for you.

Q: Why should I buy this product today instead of waiting? A: This current price is discounted to make it affordable for those who like to take action as we know those who take action now will get the most results. The product does go up in price very soon as we will be adding new content and training to the course. However, once you sign up you will receive free upgrades and access for life.

Q: What if I don’t like this product? A: I know you will LOVE this product as hundreds of people around the world have already signed up in the last few months. However, if for whatever reason you aren...

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