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„free video: learn how to play piano with chords.“ - chordpiano-workshop

Posted by Eurekka Artes on Selasa, 14 Januari 2014

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You can play improvised piano without memorising any pieces. What if you do not like, seeing your own creations on the keys?

Overcoming coordination problems between your left and right hand. (Or do you want to continue further with the problem without using my simple hand coordination method?)

How to quickly and easily find out what key you are playing and which scale you are currently using.

A way to improvised as freely as a bar pianist (This only works if do at least ten minutes to half an hour of exercise daily.)

How to make all of the triads and seventh chord, if you do not know the appropriate scale, and how to find the root note of the chords.

With this method, which I will show you, you will never be guessing again, what the chord symbols mean. You will immediately recognise what chord you should be using, before playing and what notes belong to it.

How to discover the root of the chords and the secrets behind the super hits. Don't you even want to play a super hit sometimes?

Learn why triads are often turned upside down and how to do this. Discover how to avoid unsightly leaps between chords on the piano.

Which chords go together and why is this so. You can learn which notes do not work well parallel together and see, how to find find chord progressions easily.

Insider knowledge on how to implement seventh chords correctly, so...

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