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Expert prepper blueprint to survival library

Posted by Eurekka Artes on Rabu, 01 Januari 2014

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Don't be one of the MILLIONS who will be unprepared for the imminent crisis. You owe it to yourself and to your family to be ready with the...

First A WORD OF WARNING… the following information has proven too intense for some. You have to decide right now whether you can take it or not – it's NOT for everyone. These are literally life or death strategies.

If you walk away right now I get it – no hard feelings. Some facts and ideas are simply too hard to accept. Like the nightmares haunting your waking hours, the jaw dropping images flooding the newsreels, and the "death toll numbers higher then expected" headlines filling the pages of your hometown newspaper.

But if you consider yourself someone who wants to protect your family…or someone who is losing faith in the failing Government Machine, then stick with me here…follow along carefully…this is for you.

Do you realize that about 90% of Americans aren't prepared for an inevitable disaster or a national crisis?

That number shocks me…because these folks are clearly in a state of government induced, mass-produced denial.

Where statistics prove that over half the country agrees that we're in bad shape. The Core Denial Group goes on as if nothing bad could ever happen to them or their loved ones.

Well, whether you're part of the 90% Core Denial Group or you understand that life-or-death scenarios are lurking around every corner, prepare to be enlightened because guess what…

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