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Ecard wizard - premium greeting card making software - greeting cards

Posted by Eurekka Artes on Kamis, 02 Januari 2014

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Now you can create, print, and send high quality greeting cards with a few clicks of your mouse. Send interactive and Video cards with ease. This handy ecard software provides 1000's of ready to share templates - print and email cards in seconds. Ecard Wizard cards are also customizable - use your own pictures, text, and sounds. Ecard Wizard's friendly user interface lets you send as many ecards as you want for all occasions in many formats including email, PDF, Pictures, and Video format. Video Ecards created by Ecard Wizard can be shared directly to YouTube & Facebook for viewing by family and friends.  

No monthly membership payments or any other additional cost - not like those other "free" ecard sites

  Here's a sample Greeting Card Created With Ecard Wizard. Create one just like it in minutes and send a smile to someone!

"I think that you have a great product and I am interested in purchasing it for myself and my father. My father is 80 years old and has been using Hallmark. Hallmark is horrible. I like your program because it is so clean and easy to navigate. I think it will be perfect for my father."

Ecard Wizard software is designed so you can create the most personalized and unique greeting card to send to your friends, family, and loved ones. Fast Fun and Easy!

Ecard Wizard comes with over 1000 preinstalled templates. You can choose one of these templates or create your own. You can also choose from several different greeting card folds.

Customizing your greeting card is quick, fast and fun! Choose from...

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