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Posted by Eurekka Artes on Rabu, 01 Januari 2014

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Newsletter Professional Extensions and all other Premium Plugins are available with a single membership. Active member will see the download link near each extension or plugin box.

I’m converting the Newsletter Professional Extensions to regular WordPress for easy installation and update. Install them uploading the file “as is” from the Plugins panel of your blog. To activate the automatic update, set the license key you can find above on Newsletter main configuration (version 3.5.5 or later required).

Please read the “how to install Newsletter Professional Extensions“.  The modules require the latest version of Newsletter plugin (check for updates on your blog plugin panel).

Membership required. Enhances the WordPress comments: picture attachments, first time welcome email, new comment notifications, first comment to a post thank you email and more.

Transforms the old plain bbPress reply notification in a shiny rich message (that you can edit) and more. Note: this version replace the old one with a new plugin name and folder. Configurations are migrated automatically. disable the ld version, delete it, and install this one.

An example of Facebook connect script to register user to your blog. It's not a plugin and it's mainly for coders. Read here.

Please, use the forum or the email, do not duplicate the requests. I'm human I cannot always respond real time.

Connecting with my social pages you'll get the opportunity to decide the new features of my plugins.

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