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Posted by Eurekka Artes on Kamis, 02 Januari 2014

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Download the MP3s After your order is accepted you will receive access to our Holothink.org membership system.  With login access all of your downloads are available from one easy to use, easy to find location.  Then, simply download to your favorite listening device. Access is immediate and you never need to worry about lost or damaged CDs.

Listen Through Headphones Some companies offer “Isochronic” programs that do not require headphones.  (We do too)  However we have found the programs that require headphones are FAR more powerful and effective. Soon you’ll love the ability to take your deep meditation experience with you anywhere you go – imagine meditating like a zen monk in your favorite park, near your favorite waterfall or in a hidden away nature spot.

Relax, Deeply Unless you are distracted or using the program incorrectly it is virtually impossible to not feel deeply relaxed, at a minimum. Most people experience far greater sensations of happiness and even euphoria. Remember this is based on real science.  It works and it’s something you must experience for yourself!

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