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Dan the real estate guy — experience the life of an active real estate guru

Posted by Eurekka Artes on Jumat, 03 Januari 2014

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Learn from every deal Dan does. This market has set itself up to benefit the Smart Real Estate Investor for years. Learn about a program that will help you systematically work the Real Estate Market for years to come and set yourself up with an income for life! Find out how, start today. *Video: our years together

Dan is excited about your future. Dan explains how the combination of the current Real Estate Market and his Video Training program offer a rare opportunity. This current down market has even more opportunity than the Crash of the 1990s in which Dan captured a lifetime of income purchasing over 150 properties. Learn how you will be kept up to […]

Simply put, nearly everyone can benefit from the Real Estate Boom and Bust. Dan has been through Three Booms and Bust. He set himself up for life in the last Bust of the 1990s buying more than 150 properties and a lifetime of Rental Income. He has purchased over 50 properties in the current Bust. […]

Dan speaks directly to you, the Agent or Broker who is likely Exactly where Dan was in 1992 in the last Boom and Bust. Agents now must work twice as hard to earn a good income as their pay is directly attached to prices. Agents and Brokers are working harder for less. Dan tells how […]

Dan remembers being at this level over 25 years ago. He remembers reading books and “guessing’ his way through his first few transactions. He had big Dreams and Goals but no one to guide him as he is offering to do for you. You can have Real Estate Success...

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