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Posted by Eurekka Artes on Kamis, 02 Januari 2014

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Warning: To CHOOSE to step into the Hurricane is no small gesture. It comes from deep within, fortified by Courage and Determination. It speaks to truth at your core, steeped in Honesty, Integrity and Acceptance. Fueled by the reserves of Perseverance and Compassion that you may not, as of yet, have fully embraced.

As you step into the storm, you will unleash an energizing force in your life that is beyond measure. You will no longer succumb to it, but rather become it. Become the very Heart of the Hurricane itself.

The thing is, many of us ACTUALLY are trying to do the right thing by attending to all of it. All at once. Which we can’t. Not all at once.

“If only we could just get out of the insanity of it all. Keep at bay those unrelenting forces for a moment of reprieve, so we can get some perspective on it all…”

It has us running for cover, as we attempt to find ways to ward off the seemingly negative impact we feel in it’s aftermath. That is where we begin to create our “escapes”.

Whatever fortitude we had to fight the Hurricane eventually gives, because it will always win. It is not meant to be beaten. We crack, giving way for our need to find a sliver of Peace, a moment of Serenity .

We often see pictures or videos meant to represent serenity. A room or space that has no disruption. There’s no sound or if there is, it is serene music. Everything that is hectic, intense and disruptive is shut out. Then serenity can be found.

Or conversely, sources of entertainment such as tv, movies and video games move beyond just entertainment and instead become the means to shut everything out so we can catch a breather.

The minute we step back out into life, however, to face the tests and challenges… our Hurricane, we are stressed, fatigued, frazzled and overwhelmed. And we want nothing more than to get back into the environment or activity that provides that safe haven of apparent serenity.

But to harness the hurricane, we need to step within it. We must accept it. Acknowledge it for what it is. Live WITH it, so we might benefit from all it has to offer.

Because true Serenity is not shutting everything off so that we don’t feel incapacitated or overburdened for a brief period of time.

The insanity and challenge of the storm serves a purpose. It is a gift of the abrasive resistance we need to face and overcome in order to discover…

We must find a place of Serenity within it all, that we might stand and SEE what it is we must see in order adapt, adjust and flow. To expand our awareness that we might discern the best direction to move in. To smile in the face of it all and accept the full force of that which is being offered.

Exercise programs tend to focus on just PART of the whole that makes us who we are. Yet each aspect of ourselves:

…is interconnected, the strength of one affects the others. So while we can attend to each part individually, integrating all of them at the same time is of far greater benefit and much more efficient.

Club Flow Evolution uses the signature method here at Dare To Evolve of applying your training program as a “vehicle” to support the development of the innate qualities within.

This is done by anchoring what you need to improve in your life to the action of your training. When you do...

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