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Birddogbot 2.0 & birddogbot pro (cb1) - birddogbot

Posted by Eurekka Artes on Rabu, 01 Januari 2014

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Share the deals you find with BirdDogBot with other investors. You can even add and share your own deals.

Run searches and analyze properties as often as you like, or schedule BirdDogBot to run automatically.

I’ve been using BirdDogBot since its beginnings and all I’ve have seen are improvements and new features. If you are looking to expand your ability to find more deals in an easy manner, please don’t doubt to test this software.

This is a great product. Automatic pilot, are you kidding me. Sit back and relax let it pick the deals for you then you pick the deals that you like best. Doesn’t get any better than this.

This BirdDogBot software is sweet! I enter my criteria and it searches the internet and sends me potential deals! What a time-saver, I use it everyday and their customer service is prompt and very helpful.

Add your own deals to BirdDogBot and let it automatically analyze your property’s market value and rental income estimates. It finds the numbers and does the math for you.

Run multiple searches in different areas, or even with different deal settings, all with just a single click. (Pro version only).

I was very impressed with the way BirdDogBot analyses deals anywhere in the U.S. and saves us time with all the preliminary researches when we are looking for properties. This is certainly a time saver for me. I am very pleased and I am looking to go into my first deal that BirdDogBot found...

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