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Posted by Eurekka Artes on Sabtu, 18 Januari 2014

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Over 630 people just like you have purchased my amazing binaural beats at MyMindShift.com.And everyday I receive emails like this one.“Subject: Binaural Beats For Weight Loss?”“I’ve been trying desperately to lose weight for years and I have been researching all of this, but no one ever says anything about binaural beats for weight loss.Does it all tie in together? Of course I am interested in all the benefits, but is weight loss one of them?”Unfortunately for ‘Miss Desperate To Lose Weight’ I couldn’t help her at the time because weight loss and other similar problems require more than just binaural beats.These problems require a “Beyond Binaural” solution.Let me explain…

Binaural beats are fantastic in the way they can entrain the brainwaves by lifting or lowering the brain’s frequencies for different effects. If you are feeling sleepy or tired then using a high frequency of binaural beat will

These are real problems that people need help with, but these problems need more than just binaural beats to help.

To solve these problems you need the amazing power of binaural beats PLUS subliminal messages PLUS self balancing music (or ‘mood music’ as I like to call it) to get maximum results.

I never knew the power of binaural beats until just a few months ago when I tried them for myself for the first time. The effect was like flicking a switch and within 5 minutes I was “in the zone” and concentrating on my work like never before.

Binaural beats work and they need to be the backbone of these audios because it straight away puts your mind into a state of learning and acceptance using specific frequencies for brainwave entrainment.

Most people reject subliminal audio messages because they are afraid they are going to force them to do something they don’t want such as open their wallet and send me all their money. But this is simply not the case.

As with everything in your life these subliminal audio messages are “suggestions” and you can choose to accept them or reject them even though you can’t hear them.

That being said these subliminal audios are will help you to achieve maximum results for when your conscious mind is focused on solving a specific problem, these subliminal messages enter the subconscious mind and are readily accepted and effective.

Will significantly change your current thought patterns developing new thoughts and attitudes for maximum effect. PLUS when you combine this with…

The music included in these audios have been composed with only one thing in mind: Success… specifically ‘your success’.

This music “therapy”, or “self re-balancing music” audios, or as I like to call it “mood music” is the final ingredient in this amazing cocktail of change.

For example, the rhythm of the music slows down the listener’s heart beat to a certain, healthy and personal, beat per minute rate.

Meanwhile subliminal messages are triggered in special moments. Special moments? Every chord and melody has two elements in balance: tense moments and relaxed moments. In those relaxed moments messages are directly sent to the subconscious mind. Throughout the music it contains…

The rhythm of the music is a pattern, the use and arrangement of special chords is another pattern, the deliberate repetition of sequences is a pattern that elevates the “energy” in your emotions… These are just some of the techniques used in these amazing audios to allow your brain to be more open and receptive.

Also, there are sounds that triggers a ‘feeling good’ state and pleasant sensations, and this is very...

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