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Posted by Eurekka Artes on Rabu, 01 Januari 2014

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Armed with this information, you'll have a baseline of what you need to do to your website, to move into one of the top positions.

The most common, yet time-consuming, way to do this is to visit Google. Enter the keyword you're looking to rank for. Find a couple of the top ranked websites, and then use some sort of "SEO, backlink analysis software or tool" to figure out why certain websites rank where they do.

While this method still works, times have changed. Google has become so much more complex, making our job of ranking our websites much much harder. And while Google has changed, most SEO Analysis tools simply haven't.

Which is exactly why I created Backlink Vision. It completely eliminates the need for 3rd party SEO analysis tools. You don't have to open multiple programs and cross reference data, and analyze 1 website at a time... No longer are you forced to perform 10s to 100s of extra steps, just to figure out why a website ranks where it does.

With Backlink Vision, you'll be able to see everything directly within your web browser, while you actually browse Google! And you'll be able to compare search results side by side, to see which ranking factors are giving specific websites their boost in Google.

As you likely already know, one of the main ranking criteria is the number of backlinks pointing to a website (i.e. the number of websites linking to your website). If you were to go to Google and tally up the number of backlinks each of the top 10 ranked websites has, and...

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