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Posted by Eurekka Artes on Rabu, 01 Januari 2014

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Angklung it self  is made of a pair mounted bamboo tubes which give an octave sound when shaken.  The tubes are supported in a square frame, also made of bamboo. Each tube is split open about two-thirds of its length. The bottom of the tube is closed by a node, with two tongues below it, so shaped when the bottom is cut. The tongues sit in a small trough in the base of the frame and move back and forth freely when the instrument is shaken sideways, the sound being created by concussion.

A tube is one half the length of the other and the tubes are tuned an octave apart. An angklung player holds the instrument in one hand and shakes it with the other.  A melody is performed by providing as many angklungs and players as required by the different pitches of the tube.

We have two different type of angklung sound in this Angklung Sound Library collection.The first type of Angklung is a long sustained angklung that the sound played like tremolo but it is not. The Angklung is played by shaked wich give an octave sound. Stereo Recorded 44.1 khz/16 bit and have 3 different sound become one sound/hit. The second type of angklung is called “angklung centok”. There are examples of “angklung centok technique that you can watch in video below.

Gambang instrument is more less similar to the marimba but Gambang made of bamboo material. In this Angklung Sound Library, Gambang is divided in two instrument. The first is a Gambang with tremolo technique, and the second is a gambang with one hit technique. In a form of bamboo ensamble, Gambang...

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