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Posted by Eurekka Artes on Rabu, 01 Januari 2014

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Affiliate Link Engine is compatible with almost all of the affiliate networks in the market and works perfectly with them. Some of them are listed below. Of course our compatible network list is not limited with these below but it is much wider. We tested and proved that, except some very few extraordinary networks, Affiliate Link Engine is compatible with nearly all of the the affiliate networks in the market.

“AFFILIATE LINK ENGINE” automatically hyperlinks all of your keywords with your affiliate links in all of your posts. And at the same time, it cloaks your affiliate links in order to prevent commission theft, saving you tons of commissions. Moreover, it performs its job, without missing any of your target keywords (thus without missing out on any of your income possibilities).

You will be able to save your time up to 90%. Especially if you have 20-30 or more websites, think about the time you will save with this software. You will be able to allocate your time to your family or your tastes, while “AFFILIATE LINK ENGINE” will do the work for you. It is fully automatic! A couple of entries within “AFFILIATE LINK ENGINE” accomplish months' work just in seconds!

It is a known fact now, as most of the SEO experts agree, that having affiliate links in your posts has absolutely negative effect on search engine ranking. So the first rule of affiliate marketing is to cloak (hide) your affiliate links within your site. With “AFFILIATE LINK ENGINE"s cloak/hide and nofollow link features, you will get higher SEO score. You will rank high on seach engines.

When your affiliate links...

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