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Posted by Eurekka Artes on Rabu, 01 Januari 2014

That is the same question I asked myself when I was still in the dark about this  revolutionary technology. Then I made it my business to find out all I could about this tool, and all I can say is WOW! The more I learnt about 3D printing, the more convinced I became that this concept, next to the Internet and computers, will redefine so much of our modern existence. 

The facts speak for themselves… Imagine a world where you are both the consumer and the producer. No longer do you have to play a passive role in your consumption of goods; with 3D printing, you can literally set your own standards and define your own style, just the way you want. Is that cool or is that cool? If you can think it,chances are, you can 3D print it – from essentials such as replacement parts, to feel-good, artsy products.

Watch your ideas go from concept to actual physical products you can hold in your hands, literally, in a matter of hours, or days. Prototyping at its zenith, like we’ve never seen before. Even more amazing, 3D printing will change the demand-supply chain structure as we know it today. Mass production will certainly take a hit, while a new market for 3D printing raw materials will emerge.

Every marketer knows that the prices of goods get more inflated as they pass through the various stops in the current manufacturing – supply chain structure, leaving the hapless consumer to pick up the often hefty bill. What if you could cut through all of that and go from manufacturing to sales without worrying about the other steps in between?

Think of this as a more complex version of the print-on-demand structure book publishers use today. Print the book when there is a demand, save warehousing costs, middleman costs, and minimize waste. You get my drift? The most amazing thing I have discovered is that a lot of people do not even know the basics of 3D printing, but even that is changing as the cost of 3D printers continue to drop, making it more affordable for the average consumer to afford one.

So many 3D companies are already  cashing in BIG TIME  on 3D printing and its auxiliary products, ranging from the 3D printers and accessories themselves to 3D printing services, and the use of 3D printing technology for prototyping, production and market analysis. Shares in 3D printing-related companies are selling like the proverbial hot cakes, with stocks increasing in value as the technology becomes more refined, and useful...Read More Detail

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