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Your guide to pet health

Posted by Eurekka Artes on Kamis, 05 Desember 2013

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You’re About to Discover “How To” Keep Your Beloved Pet Healthy and Long Lived, “How To” Avoid Costly and Unnecessary Veterinary Visits, “How To” Detect Potential Life Threatening Problems Early And Most Importantly, “How To” Develop Solutions To These Life Shortening Problems. This Information Will Help You “Take Control” And Manage Your Pet’s Health So That They Will Be With You For A Long Long Time”  

We love our beloved pets dearly and want them by our side forever, but in today’s world, we face too many problems that tragically shorten their lifespan. Let’s take a look at some of these problems and then, together, we will discover the solution to these problems.

Our companion animals are dying earlier than ever before and with more frequency, leaving us disheartened, sad, frustrated, even angry.

It wasn’t that long ago that pets and specific breeds lived much longer than they do today. This negative dilemma is a combination of in-breeding and breeding indiscriminately, the LACK of healthy pet food provided by the major pet food making corporations, the destruction of the nutrients in our soils and the woeful state of our environment.

First and foremost: One of the main problems I hear about all the time goes like this: Your pet is sick, they are lethargic, listless, and not eating well. Your Vet says “let’s do some tests” which are usually outrageously expensive only to be told that “the tests were inconclusive, we do not know the problem” and even the dreaded “we recommend your pet be euthanized”

I’ll bet many of you have...

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