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Vegetarian weight loss diet - weight loss diet for vegetarians

Posted by Eurekka Artes on Rabu, 04 Desember 2013

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"A Vegetarian Diet Can Help You To... Stop Cancer in Its Tracks, Help Control Diabetes, And Even Helps Prevent Heart Attacks and Strokes... BUT the bad part is... it can make you fatter and gain weight!

It's a fact...if you eat a vegetarian diet and do it the wrong way...you're going to gain weight...and probably more than you want! Here's how to 'eat like a vegetarian the right way' and get a new slimmer, healthier you!"

I went shopping with my girlfriend for a new pair of jeans (because my old pair of my favorite jeans had shrunk in the dryer...I'm sure you know how that goes...) and even she told me "The jeans I was trying on made me look too fat!"

Heck if my girlfriend was telling me this when I asked her how a new pair of jeans fit... (no telling what others were saying behind my back)...and I knew she was telling me the truth no matter how much it hurt me. I HAD to DO something about my weight!

Problem was that the vegetarian diet I was on was not helping me lose the weight! I did not know what I was doing wrong...

I have tried all my life to lose weight. I have always been short, 5'1" and I never felt good about how I looked. No matter how I tried to diet or tried to 'dress slim'...

I wanted to go to a picnic and needed new jeans and couldn't find any to buy that made my fat disappear... most of the new skinny jeans styles just made me look fatter!

I was on a new vegetarian diet (I had stuck with it for 3 months...) which my doctor said would help me to 'lose weight'. Well it didn't. The longer I stayed on my 'new vegetarian diet the more I gained'! I just kept gaining pound after pound and I was sick and tired of the restrictions the vegetarian diet the doctor told me I had to suffer!

I just broke down. I felt so overwhelmed with my weight. I just couldn't take it anymore...and I hated depriving myself of the foods I loved. And my cheating was making the weight gain worse.

I felt like I was going to have a nervous breakdown as I was so depressed over losing the battle with my weight, yet again. I followed the vegetarian diet the doctor gave me to the letter...except...

One morning when I went to weigh myself I knew deep inside -- even before I stepped on the scale -- I had failed to lose the weight, yet again.

I had been on a very strict vegetarian diet -- 'the new vegetarian diet' my doctor had prescribed for me for nearly three months. And the sad fact is I had gained 3 pounds for every month I had been on it!

When I consulted my dietitian she said that I was cheating and that the way I was eating was substituting foods that were too high in calories = too high of fat and sugars...guess I replaced the 'meat and protein cravings' with 'calorie laden EXTRA FAT and SUGARS!

So I went back to the library and surfed the web to find some answers because I was not getting the right help I needed. I felt deep in my heart I could be a vegetarian and...

Where I found the right answers doesn't matter. What does matter is at last I have found the right answers!

These changes I made to my vegetarian diet really worked fast. You will know the right foods to eliminate and...

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