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Posted by Eurekka Artes on Senin, 02 Desember 2013

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These 11 mistakes were taken from the top 14 publications on weight loss written by 27 different doctors, nutritionists, and fitness gurus. Learn from the experts how to avoid the pitfalls when you decide to firm up, feel great, look hot, and lose weight so that, this time (and i really mean THIS TIME!) you will get rid of that unwanted body fat for good.

Most people have a hard time losing weight and getting into their best shape. After failing some try again, some just throw up their hands and give up. You may have tried many different ways of accomplishing your goals and have fallen short or – after achieving them – slowly returned to old habits and more weight. This can be very frustrating. Your lack of success not having a slim appearance and being in great shape effects how you feel every day.

Our bodies are made up of 10 to 15 trillion individual cellular lives that communicate with each other  in a very complex language. Being overweight skews cellular communications in so many ways. This intricate system is composed of messaging between interconnected parts that, as a whole, exhibit one or more external properties. It is the astonishing marvel that makes you human instead of just a pile of cells.

Looking ones best, getting to one’s optimal weight, feeling good, having great skin tone, having abundant energy, and preventing disease are all positive side effects of great cellular communication. When these communications are not disrupted or distorted by being inactive and overweight, your weight will come of permanently. 

It may seem, with so much attention on weight loss, the there just couldn’t possibly be anything new. This is just another guy trying to make money spewing more garbage and lies and is taking advantage of my desperation. The way things are, are hopelessly the way things are. Right? 

Aerobic metabolism has been around ever since higher life forms hijacked it from bacteria to use it inside their own cells for energy production. It is what makes all higher lifeforms possible. My background as an athlete and my interest in attaining great health led me to make a connection about energy production and appetite that hasn’t been considered before. It sure as heck isn’t being considered by all the organizations and professionals who prescribe cutting calories and working out hard to expend them as the best way to lose weight. To lose weight efficiently you need to burn fat directly from your hips, waist and butt for energy. This stops your appetite from being controlled by dips in your blood sugar levels. Your ravenous hunger will no longer sabotage your weight loss goals. You won’t need to rely on willpower alone.

The situation you find yourself in, overweight or maybe just down right obese wanting to desperately solve your dilemma of not looking your best once and for all, more than likely, is not your fault. It’s not because there is anything wrong with you. It is that you have been bombarded by thousands of different products, substances, easy pills, methods, diets, doctors, nutritionists, and fitness gurus that you have tried or followed that have generated less than stellar results for you. Not to mention the “Charlestons” and ‘Snake Oil’ salesman that have led you down Bunny Lane to Fantasy Land to profit from your despair. 

On the other hand… you may have succeeded in keeping yourself slim fit and trim… Great! That does, however, come at a cost. You work really hard at it, fight temptations, and expend a lot of calories EVERY DAY. You may use artificial things to curb your hunger like smoking or diet pills. Deep down in places you don’t talk about at parties, when you are being complemented about how good you look, you secretly know that maintaining this for very much longer is really difficult. Somethings gotta give! The good news is...

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