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Total control weight loss – self change hypnosis suite - total control weight loss

Posted by Eurekka Artes on Senin, 02 Desember 2013

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Plug into the most POWERFUL self change hypnosis audios ever created. Quickly reprogram your subconscious mind for the fastest, easiest weight loss you can imagine!

If you can’t seem to shed those unwanted pounds, I’m here to tell you that you’ll NEVER lose the weight you want until you do this one thing — (it has nothing to do with crazy exercise routines or fad diets).

Yet every time you tell yourself these things, you somehow actually end up a few pounds heavier. Your clothes fit a little bit tighter than before. You feel more and more ashamed each time you look in the mirror… in fact, you might be trying to avoid the mirror altogether.

I want you to try something — In a moment I’m going to ask you to perform an incredibly simple task, but the results might shock you!

Pretty sneaky, huh? If you’re like 99.9% of people you immediately thought of a big pink elephant eating an ice cream cone.

Your subconscious mind controls more than 90% of your daily actions. Whether you’re brushing your teeth or driving a car, it’s your subconscious that puts you in automatic pilot mode.

You can’t just tell yourself, “I’m not going to eat that yummy piece of pound cake”… your subconscious mind WON’T listen!

Your subconscious mind is seriously attached to the happy emotions you feel after you eat fattening foods. Your conscious mind knows it’s wrong.

But since 90...

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