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There is a healing way beyond pet loss - pet loss journey : pet loss journey

Posted by Eurekka Artes on Senin, 02 Desember 2013

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To: All pet lovers whose best animal friend means the world to them, who grieve their loss and who continue to want only the best for them From: BJ Burman healer, advisor, advocate

If you seek a path through the pain and the grief of pet loss, if you feel there must be more than this life for both you and your pet, if you feel your pet is worth that extra special care as they journey beyond this life, OR, if you simply long for answers, meaning, guidance through this difficult time

Hi, my name is BJ and as painful or as hopeless as things may seem right now, there is a healing way, a path beyond grief where the dying and death of the pet you love so much can be a beautiful and transformative experience for you both.

I love my animals. I love them with all my heart and soul. And I know you love yours in exactly the same way. Each of us know, on an intellectual level, that the animals we love will die, as must we all. But this knowledge does not necessarily ease the pain. Anyone who has lost their beloved animal friend knows this only too well.

When I lost my first and much-loved pussycat, Licky (I named her ‘Licky’ because when she was a kitten she would lick everything, and I mean everything! My face, my feet…the furniture! She was beautiful J) I was very young, around 7 years old. I suppose my mother was trying to protect me when she shielded me from the fact that Licky was sick. And one day, my...

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