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Publish books on apple ibooks, amazon kindle, nook and google play!

Posted by Eurekka Artes on Selasa, 03 Desember 2013

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Are you aware for example, that there are actually 2 Kindle Content Stores? Yes that's right. There is the book store where you may or may not currently be self-published, and there is another Android Kindle App Store accessible only on Kindle devices containing dedicated Kindle Apps.

Even if you are currently published, our platform will ensure that your book has the maximum exposure on mobile devices.

With our online tool, you are now able to convert you manuscript into a standalone Mobile Phone Application that you can sell directly from the Mobile App stores. This means that your content is searchable from ALL App Stores by ALL Users, not only those that have the Branded Books Applications (Google Books, Kindle for Android/Apple, etc).

We will send you your app, which you have full rights to and can then publish where you want at the price you want, no longer limited to the branded Book outlets!

You can then publish your book in over 500 Mobile App Stores, including Phone Manufacturers and Mobile Networks, ensuring your book has every opportunity to be found by not only book lovers, but ALL Smartphone users!

We also offer a range of Assisted Publishing tools and services. From free tools, tips and tricks to a full service solution.

We will convert your original manuscript into your selected formats. You then load these Directly onto the App Store of your choice. No programming experience required!

1.You must decide which package you would like from the table below. and then select...

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