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Posted by Eurekka Artes on Rabu, 04 Desember 2013

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When I became pregnant with my second child, I wanted to have a healthier and more active pregnancy as well as an easier childbirth this time around. I wanted to be back in shape as soon as possible after birth and I knew that I would have to make some changes to my diet and my exercise routine NOW.

My husband and I searched the Internet for weeks trying to find a suitable nutrition and exercise program, but all the programs we found were either completely outdated or required joining a group in a gym. I did not want to compromise just because there weren’t any suitable products out on the Internet.  I only wanted the absolute best, safest, healthiest and most beneficial for me and my baby!  My husband, who is a fitness and health enthusiast, suggested that we create our own program for my pregnancy.

We initially put an exercise and nutrition plan together for one week. Then tested it while, at the same time, creating a plan for the following week. My friends became aware of what we were doing and two of them, that were also pregnant at that time, decided to join in. Soon we were a group of seven pregnant women creating new recipes, cooking and testing meal plans and different strength and cardio exercises based on research by me and my husband. We could not imagine that this very same program will one day help thousands of women around the globe with their pregnancy.

My name is Tanya Kochan.  No, I am not a licensed personal trainer, nutritionist, gynecologist, physical therapist or anything else that ends with an “ist”. However I am a mother and fitness and health enthusiast who did hundreds of hours of research in medical books and on the Internet and who consulted dozens of obstetricians and gynecologists, pregnancy and postpartum specialized personal trainers and nutritionists in various countries. I have done my best to compile the most modern and up to date information with regards to nutrition and exercising during pregnancy. I could not have created this program without the help of my loving husband and the support and feedback of my dear friends.

Please take a minute and think of 10 healthy foods.  Take a piece of paper and write them down.  Got it?  OK, now let’s create a healthy breakfast and a healthy dinner from the foods on your list.  Your list could probably look like this:

While all of the above foods are very healthy and important to eat during pregnancy, it is the right combination on how to put them together and when to eat them in that combination…that is if your goal is to keep unnecessary pregnancy pounds away and have a healthy pregnancy.

You see, as mentioned earlier, all of the ingredients which were used in these 2 meals are definitely very healthy.   The issue is the combination of nutrients and the time of the day this combination is eaten.

Breakfast Bread and fruit (large amount of Carbohydrates) were consumed together with Avocado, Olive Oil and Almonds (large amounts of Fat).  Having insulin (from the bread and fruit) together with fatty acids (from the avocado, oil and almonds) in the bloodstream at the same time make it very easy for your body to store fat instead of using these nutrients for you and your baby.

Breakfast should be a combination of Carbohydrates and Protein instead.  The example above is not only high in fat, but also very low in Protein.

Dinner At this time of the day it is best to consume a meal combination of Protein and Fat with little Carbs.  The above example is a combination of starchy Carbohydrates (peaches, potatoes) and Protein (chicken).  There is almost no fat in this meal. A way to get the fat into this meal would for example...

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