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Organic gardening 4 life

Posted by Eurekka Artes on Selasa, 03 Desember 2013

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Growing Organic Food is such a rewarding pastime and can add so much beauty and health to you and  your home; but, despite all your efforts, sometimes your great expectations turn into dismal disappointments...

The vegetable lot in your backyard is supposed to be a succulent vision of beauty, a miniature copy of the one you may have seen on TV in those huge greenhouses. Instead, it's untidy and overgrown. The cucumbers are growing too closely together and the size of growth  of your tomatoes is just unsatisfactory. How much better it would be if you had solid, step-by-step advice on how to plan and control that lot.

...working out size, shape, location and combination of vegetables and herbs -- and how to put that plan into action in THE FOOD4LIFE ORGANIC GARDENING GUIDE volume on Garden Planning. You love tomatoes, but hate the hard, tasteless little ones sold in boxes in the supermarkets. So last year you planted your own tomatoes -- but you were disappointed. Your plants didn't seem to bear nearly as many tomatoes as your neighbor got with his.

The Editors of FOOD4LIFE invite you to see for yourself how practical, how complete, how easy to follow, how breathtakingly beautiful this widely acclaimed organic gardening library really is.

Where does your garden grow? Along the wooded byways of Bellevue, Rossana, Ford and Paoli? In beautiful Fox Chapel, Sewickley or burgeoning Coraopolis and Camp Hill? Along the wide, tree-lined streets of Thornhill, or Kennebec, with its row-upon-row of stately colonial homes? Near Maine, when May brings apple-blossom time? In picturesque Orange County, with its rolling hills, early stone houses...

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