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How to raise kids gluten free

Posted by Eurekka Artes on Minggu, 01 Desember 2013

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What else can I say! I love your book. It has been so helpful to me but particularly for my child. We can now go out to restaurants

We set our kitchen up just like you recommended and now never get any cross contamination. Thanks for that advise.

And now I know where to get all the pre-manufacturedgluten-free food. WOW! I never knew there was so much variety until I read this book.

I found it an invaluable resource and would I strongly recommend it to anyone looking for great advice and helpful hints and recommendations.

Not only does it cover the medical aspects of the condition including what medical tests are available, but it offers a myriad of great practical information that I can apply to bringing up my children in this gluten-free world

Back then, I would have answered this pop quiz with “All of the above” without even having to read all of the other choices.

I am a Mother of 3 children all who have food and gluten intolerances. As you can see all are thriving, healthy and happy!

I was able to raise happy and active kids living normal lives despite celiac disease and gluten intolerance!

As long as you understand the disease, are able to distinguish between myths and facts, and are able to approach the situation objectively with

The other half, I’m prepared to tackle with you as I take you by the hand and show you exactly what you need to do on a day to day basis.

This book contains all the facts, tips and parental advice I wish I had when I first started on this journey. Its a pity you had not written it then LOL! This is such a great book, I highly recommend it to anyoneinterested in knowing all the intracies of living in the gluten-free world. For me, its PRICELESS!

There are so many great things in this book that will be helpful to other families in a similar situation.

My own gluten intolerant kids are growing happily and actively. They lead normal lives just like other kids their age. They’re able to enjoy their entire childhood free from being unnecessarily controlled by their condition.

Through the years, I have been through numerous consultations with physicians, nutritionists, dieticians and other medical experts.This helped me understand the actual facts around celiac disease and gluten intolerance.

I have also cultivated great relationships with other parents who also have extensive firsthand experience dealing with kids with similar conditions. They have provided me with great insight on how to deal with the situation as a parent.

This combination of influences allowed me to create a working and effective practical guide on how to raise gluten-free kids – as a parent for other parents.

This is not simply a “copy-and-paste collage” – a collection of random information about celiac disease and gluten intolerance lifted from various medical sources both online and otherwise, slapped together and passed off as a “guide”.

This is the real deal. Over 140 pages of real information, practical facts and figures that could drastically change the way you live your life without gluten.

Gluten is a naturally occurring protein found in most of the grains we eat in today’s modern diet such as all forms of wheat, barley, rye, triticale and some oats.

Gluten can also be found in processed meat, beer, soy sauce, licorice, cosmetics and even some medications.

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