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Color selector and visualization software. Paint color matching across brands

Posted by Eurekka Artes on Rabu, 04 Desember 2013

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CBN Sector`s powerful visualization engine is to show you how your home would look like; painted with real world manufactured color.CBN Selector also matches paint colors across brands. CBN selector removes the confusion of the thousands of color systems employed by various manufacturers. For the first time there is one color code that precisely identifies all color throughout any method or medium.

CBN Selector™ is the hub of the color visualization and communication world.CBN Selector™ is powerful and convenient. Avoid timely trips to the store for color charts and samples, use CBN Selector™ to select  your color, see it applied virtually in its intended setting, and order your paint stucco, sealant, concrete and more.

“One of the very unique abilities of CBN Selector is that it turns all 16,700,000 color pixels of your computer display into mini color chips that can then be formulated in paint. This allows you total freedom of color! You can now find an online image of anything in nature, use our colorpicker and zoom tool to copy the pixel color you want and then match or formulate it in paint. This is an extremely powerful tool. Want the true colors of the Arizona Desert, easily done.“

Color-by-Numbers software has been carefully designed to provide the “truest digital representation ” of real world colored materials. We recommend calibration of your monitor to CBN’s default viewing standard prior to viewing and applying color to your digital images with CBN Selector (TM) and CBN Assistant. To respect the integrity of your working environment, this calibration will only affect your system when you are using CBN software.


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